Let’s get your dream ski lift chair or gondola from your favorite mountain into its forever home! Throwing a unique event? You can rent from our own fleet of ski lift chairs, snowboard benches & gondolas!

Our Favorites

Riblet Double Ski Lift Chair

Say “Hello” to our Riblet Lift Chair from the mid 60s. We can also customize it for you as we have some raw ones in stock! You can rent this for your special event!

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Keystone Gondola Bar

Come grab a drink from our Keystone Gondola Bar at your next unique event! Yep! That’s right… we said Gondola Bar! It’s hayday was 1982-84, made by Yan. This fits perfectly in any event setting and is available for rent only. We’d be happy to customize a gondola for purchase for you or your business, reach out to see what we’ve got brewing at the shop!

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Ski Flakes

A shredder’s favorite decoration! Our welded ski flakes are made from vintage ski’s and repurposed into flakes! Great for a wall piece in any home or business. Created with upcycled skis, poles, brakes & toe clips!

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The Builders

Zack and Laura met about 2 years ago when Zack became the mechanic to her car “Jerry”. Both transplants from the east coast, they’ve found their new homes here in Colorado. During that time they learned they’re skill sets and lanes were complementary to growing the business. What was the same was their passion and drive to create something meaningful, niche and fun.

The preservation of history through the fabrication and design of decommissioned ski lift chairs, gondolas and other products is what remains at its highest importance to Last Chair Customs. We’re small yet mighty. And we are driven by creating attractive, long lasting pieces through connecting with our clients.

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